Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odey: I'm not funding Irish "No" campaign

The UK hedge-fund manager Crispin Odey, who an Irish Independent article claimed had “bankrolled” “Declan Ganley’s ‘No to Lisbon Campaign’, has rejected claims by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan that he is funding the Libertas “no” campaign. In a fax to RTE and TV3 dated 30th September 2009 and seen by me, Mr Odey demanded that the broadcasters issue clarifications to this effect by 12 noon today. The faxes state that:

"1. I have never contributed to to any political campaigns in Ireland conducted by Mr Declan Ganley or any other group.

2. I contributed a sum of money in May this year to the campaign of a British citizen who was standing as a candidate for Pro-Democracy Libertas UK in the European elections because she is a personal friend of mine.

Please confirm by fax by 12 noon today that you have published a clarification of any inaccuracies that may have arisen by reason of any broadcast or publication by yourselves."

The faxes are reproduced below:

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