Thursday, June 5, 2008

Irish elites and jobs in Brussels

The Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a body of the European Union (EU) established in 1957. It is a consultative assembly composed of employers, employees and representatives of various other interests. It is similar to the Committee of the Regions, with whom it shares the Delors building in Brussels as its seat. Currently, EESC membership numbers 344. The number of members per EU state varies according to the population of each state (see table below for state-by-state membership figures). Members of the EESC are divided into three groups of equal number, employers, employees and a third group of various other changing interests such as: farmers, consumer groups, professional associations and so on. Members are appointed by the Council following nominations made by the government of the respective Member State. However, once appointed, the members are completely independent of their governments. The term for members is for four years, and is renewable. The President of the EESC is Dimitris Dimitriadis, elected in october 2006 for a term of two years. It is informative to note the backgrounds in the Irish elites of some of the Irish representatives on this body, particularly as the govt attempts to make the support of some of the elites of the business, farmers and union organisations a marker of the credibility of the yes campaign:

Employers Group:·
Harry Byrne – Guinness Pension Scheme Trustees·
Clare Carroll – Consultant on Employment Affairs ·
Thomas MacDonagh –International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Employees Group:·
Joan Carmichael - Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU)·
William Attley – Former General Secretary SIPTU·
Jim McCusker - Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance

Special Interests Group (Agriculture, Women and Youth organisations):·
Frank Allen –Former President Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) ·
John Donnelly – Former President of the Irish Farmers' Association (IFA)·
Jillian van Turnhout – Former President of National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)

Draw your own conclusions. I have drawn mine. :)


blu sn!pr said...

So if a P. Walsh ends up in Brussels we'll know why?

FutureTaoiseach said...

Now now blu sn!pr you old cynic you! :)