Monday, April 28, 2008

Fall in support for Lisbon Treaty

The latest poll on the Lisbon Treaty suggests growing opposition and falling support for the document. The Red C poll of 1,010 registered Irish voters showed support at 35% (a fall of 8 points), opposition at 31% (up 7%) and 34% undecided. It seems clear that the more the electorate find out about the Lisbon Treaty and its plan for domination of the EU by the Big States, the less they like it. Bertie as usual tells us according to today's Irish Independent, that a no vote will be a "disaster", but we've heard all this before Bertie. After the 2 "no" votes in France and Holland in 2005 to the EU Constitution, Lisbon's evil twin, we are not going to be so easy to fool this time. We know that Bertie is being hotly-tipped for a job in the Eurocracy - likely the new post specifically created by Lisbon (the President of the Council). So when the electorate hears these kinds of warnings, I hope we can be forgiven for feeling cynical.

As already explained on this blog, the Lisbon Treaty fatally erodes Irish sovereignty and neutrality. It puts on a Treaty-basis a European Defence Agency with wide powers to coordinate European defence policy. It removes Ireland's veto on the Council of Ministers in 68 areas, including energy-policy, aspects of foreign policy, the role of the EDA, and the statutes of the European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, and aspects of the statute of the European Court of Justice. This could lead to Ireland being forced to allow the powerful EU nuclear-power lobby to expand into Ireland. The provisions for QMV (Qualified Majority Voting) for the statutes of EU institutions could conceivably lead in the future to the loss of Irish representation on these bodies. So where the ECB is debating Irish interest rates, the Irish voice would be gone, or made rotational. After all if they want to bring in a rotating-commission why not also a rotating ECB or ECJ? It also more than halves our QMV vote from 2% to 0.9%, while allowing 4 Big States to block EU laws they do not like. Meanwhile, 11 small states banding together will still be unable to block EU laws under the QMV system. Clearly, this treaty creates a Europe dominated by Big States, like Britain once dominated Ireland. We owe it to the men and women of 1916 to say no to this Treaty on June 12th.

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kerdasi amaq said...

Unfortunately the bulk of the electorate are too stupid to properly understand the issues and will vote like the party political sheep they are, or so I hope not!